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Zocca Officine Meccaniche Srl, located 5 km. from bypass near Bologna, works in the centre of an entrepreneurial and economic reality always looking for tribological new solutions to be employed in mechanics and in the wide segment of its industry formed by automatic machinery and motors.

Innovation is constantly developed also thanks to its particular geographic position, stimulated to improvement of applications within those specific sectors and allows the company to cope with so many requests inside the territory.

The company was founded in 1967 and for over 40 years it has been in the lead in the sector of industrial applications for coating of metallic surfaces on components supplied by third parties, boasting multi-year experience testified by continuous development.

Along with diversification and improvement of production, in this last decade Zocca Officine has invested a lot in the acquisition of  new coating processes on  filling material on components production of automatic wrapping machines, boxing machines, and for package, pharmaceutical and food industry, for aero-ship-space industry for cars, lorries and tractors and in the mechanic industry generally speaking, always supported by constant research for new raw materials and innovative technologies.

The process timing occurs both by the support of a metrological room equipped with coordinates measurement machines for dimensional checking and by a metallographic analysis laboratory where coating microstructures are analysed.