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Zocca Officine Meccaniche has been employing plastic coatings in Polyamide 11, 12 in Polyolefin, etc since 1967,  by using thermoplastic powders applied by immersion in a fluid bed or by electrostatics.

The most significant characteristics of  thermoplastic powders are great resistance to abrasion, to collision (deformation without any coating destruction), the optimal chemical stability in contact with mineral salts, organic acids, bases, hydrocarbons and with the majority of solvents and good resistance in salt spray fog.

Thermoplastic coatings find different applications in the most varied sectors, when, a part from the above said characteristics some others , is required:
  • Electric insulation;
  • Antifriction surface;
  • Esthetics in a varied range of colours;
  • Food contact capability.

Polyamide 11, 12 and Polyolefin in Zocca Officine Meccaniche can be applied either by electrostatics or immersion in fluid bed.
In this case, the piece, which was previously heated, is introduced in a tank containing the powder, the upper part of which is opened to allow both the piece immersion and the emission of the air employed for the powder fluidization.
In the lower part of the container there is a porous membrane through which dry air is blown.
The fluid bed is got thanks to air emission which balance the powder and increase its volume.
The amount of air required depends on powder characteristics such as density, size of its particles and its distribution.
The upper opening of the tank, which allows a complete aeration of the fluid bed, is necessary to obtain steady coatings.