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Coating characteristics, such as the adhesion to substrate, widely depend on how the substrate is prepared by choosing the best and most specific kind of degreasing and sandblasting.

In order to grant coatings reliability, our company has committed into continuous staff professional training, so as to constantly check the products during all the operational phases starting from raw materials, up to the coating micrography analysis.

After four decades of continuous development of raw materials, the constant commitment of our staff, always prepared to work in an interfunctional close cooperation regime, is itself a strong guarantee, starting from the accurate study of application processes based upon precise procedures, along with a severe Quality Control, up to a possible problem solution just at the Customerís office. Zocca Officine Meccaniche avails of a consulting service for Customers looking for proper materials to solve problems concerning wear, corrosion, chemical inertia, food contact capability, non-stick capability, high thermal conductivity, electric and thermal sheathing, etc.
Our company, according to the customersí needs , can provide either certificates about food contact qualification or propose certification procedures.