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Our company avails of technical components in determining the needs of more advanced industrial projects, with notable applicative potentialities extended to a great number of market final segments.

The multiple physic-chemical characteristics of Zocca coatings , along with up-to-date technological tactics used in application and control, allow to successfully face frequent exercise problems happening in all product sectors, when on a mechanic component is required some checked  superficial hardness, along with specific characteristics such as anticorrosion, food contact capability or some others, on order to get best functional reliability and exercise costs reduction.

The wide variety of our applications offers undeniable advantages in efficiency problem solving:

  • ADHERENCE by contact with/without food products ;
  • WEAR by mechanic rubbing;
  • CORROSION produced by acid or basic liquids;



Our company ensures specific technical solutions for whatever function the particular to coat is considered to have.
Forty-year experience within the sector has allowed us to acquire lots of technical knowledge (know-how) which nowadays enables us to apply innovative solutions concerning tribological problems and anti-wear and corrosion protection, when traditional processing appears as inadequate.

Industrial working processes, already wearing in themselves, often generate the deposition of chemical and atmospheric oxidant substances causing wear and damages.
Therefore, a mechanic part must be given both mechanic resistance and characteristics of wear and corrosion resistance by building coatings to obtain proper superficial hardness and polymers application against the action of chemical agents.

The procedures for applying coatings to reduce costs and maximize results, include the design of the surface to be coated takes place in close collaboration between customer and supplier. In this regard Zocca Officine Meccaniche provide all information necessary to the correct fulfillment of the article.

Our company has been structured in 4 divisions: