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Zocca Officine Meccaniche installed in 1967 a powders painting plant which can be considered one of the first operating one in Italy.

In 2001 this plant was completely renewed by introducing a Wagner cabin endowed with ten coating guns moved automatically and two handy guns.

The powder paint can be applied on any metal object, iron, aluminium or alloys, with extremely positive aesthetic and protective results.

In order to keep regular thickness and reach the coated surface smoothness, with no cracks, drips, bubbles or swellings, non-stick capability, colour toning or superficial pulverizing, the company has installed an automatic rolling cycle system  200 m long as a whole, endowed with a pre-processing tunnel at 6 stages, allowing us to get best results of adherence and resistance in salt spray fog.

The applicative process present in Zocca Officine Meccaniche particularly concerns electrostatic spray painting implying the use of guns handy or automatically activated.
The powder reaches the gun through a flexible tube connected with the tank.
From here, charged by electrostatics, they are sprayed by means of compressed air.

The trajectory of paint particles between the nozzle and the substrate to coat is determined by a mix of electrical and mechanical forces.
The first ones are the result of the interaction between the charged paint particles and the electric field due to a difference of potential between the gun and the part to be coated, while the others derive from the air carrying the powder.

Present technologies in Zocca Officine Meccaniche:


  • Electrostatics spray powders painting.