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Coatings in ZOFLON PTFE, ZOFLON FEP, ZOFLON-S, ZOFLON PFA, VICOTE PEEK are made on components of packing machines, of food industry, pharmaceutical, ceramic, rubber and plastic moulding industries, on welding bars or plates and running boards, with non-stick capability, non corrosive properties and food contact capability conform to FDA and/or national rules.

Moreover, ceramics-zoflon multi-layer coatings are applied on components in aluminium, bronze, brass, etc. and their alloy, to give the surface hardness and non-stick capability.

Thanks to exceptional non-stick capability, low coefficient of friction and the very best thermal resistance, cryogenic stability, resistance to chemical agents, and even characteristics of hydrophobia and high dielectric rigidity, ZOFLON allows to get coatings endowed with properties that are impossible to obtain with any other product

Zoflon coatings (Zoflon PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE etc.) in Zocca Officine Meccaniche can be realized by electrostatics with powders or by air-mixed with liquids. The second one consists in powdering “pneumatically” a liquid, fractioning it in very tiny drops by means of compressed air, forming, into an airgun, tiny drops formed by a correct mixture of air and Zoflon.
Zoflon comes out of a calibrated hole called nozzle, and the compressed air comes out of a calibrated hole too, and according to the kind of airgun, it can attach Zoflon blast to the inner part of the gun, etc.

The liquid “thrown” over the surface to be coated, is afterwards baked in oven along with the part on which it is sprayed.

Technologies in Zocca Officine Meccaniche:

  • Deposition of Zoflon powders by electrostatics;
  • Deposition of air-mixed Zoflon liquids.