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ZOFLON COATING questionnaire
Name of company: Person to contact: Role:
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1 - What material is the part made of?
(stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel, special alloys, etc)
2 - Has the part any thermal and/or superficial processing?
(if so say what)(cementation, tempering, carbon nitridation, nickelization, chromium plating, etc)
3 - Which kind of strains or mechanical actions will the coatings undergo?
(superficial or punctual rubbing, no strains, just aesthetic function, etc)
4 - The coating undergoes corrosion, detergents, solvents: or what else?
(if so say what)
5 - Has the coating to resist to heat?
(if so say min. or max. temperatures and time intervals)
6 - Has the coating to show food contact capability?
7 - Has the coating to show electric conductivity or insulating characteristics?
8 - Which colour is required?
9 - Which kind of solutions have been adopted so far to solve the highlighted problem?
Code: Denomination:

Since one processing for preparation of coatings made of ZOFLON is sandblasting, the following premises are necessary:

  • Bevels will be possibly rounded off;
  • Heavy seams may not be removed;
  • Some deformations, not always checkable, may come out if part thickness is inferior to 3 mm.
  • In case of restoration of a previous coating, tolerances of planarity, gleanings or some others may disappear.

Since ZOFLON coating occurs by aerograph spraying , the following premises are necessary:

  • Interiors with some depth where hand + aerograph or aerograph extension don t manage to enter, will not be coated;
  • The coating thickness (regularity) is changeable within 0,01 mm;
  • It is necessary to agree about the setting points of the parts.

Since ZOFLON sprayed coating is put into oven for baking, the following premises are necessary:

  • If parts have got superficial processing, at ZOFLON baking temperatures these may temper;
  • If the material is aluminium, copper, etc or their alloys or other, the part may undergo deformation;
  • Deformation is anyway linked to the part thickness and shape.

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