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The Company

Zocca Coatings

Founded in 1967, Zocca Coatings srl is at the cutting edge of industrial applications for metal surfaces coatings on components supplied by third parties. Located in an area with a marked entrepreneurial tradition, since its beginnings, the company has provided specific and performing solutions for the industry.

Over the years, the expanding company has reached national and international markets with a constant evolution based on important investments and supported by a constant pursuit for new materials and innovative technologies. The main applications include pharmaceuticals, the food industry, packaging machinery and the automotive sector, with a specific section for aerospace applications.

Today, quality, reliability and custom-oriented services allow Zocca Coatings to guarantee consistency and excellence, in the name of innovation and commitment to the customer.


The company starts trading as Zocca Officine Meccaniche, initially specialized in coatings of metallic materials with WFS (Wire Flame Spray) process. Subsequently, the production of fluidized bed polymer coatings for the food sector is offered.
The activity is implemented with the performing of coatings with the APS (Air Plasma Spray) process of metal alloys, composite and ceramic materials.
Non-stick and anti-corrosive coatings in Teflon, PTFE and spray painting start to be produced.
A new process called HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) is introduced for the depositing of Cer-Met composites.
The new TriplexTM APS torch is installed.
The internal quality management system is certified according to the EN 9100 standard for the aerospace sector.
The company starts using the new APS torch called SinplexPro TM. The company obtains NADCAP accreditation for thermal spray coatings.
The company changes its name from Zocca Officine Meccaniche to Zocca Coatings to better reflect the specific sector of activity.