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Excellence as a standard

Born in an area with a strong entrepreneurial concentration, the company responds from the very beginning to the excellence of the territory with specific and performing solutions in many sectors.

Zocca coatings has been collaborating for years directly and indirectly with companies in several industries with the aim of addressing the manifold requirements of the markets and providing solutions to the growing needs of the manufacturing sector.

The sectors


Hygiene and food safety are vital in the food industry. Non-stick coatings prevent contamination, resist chemicals and extend the life of the machines. We apply these coatings on several parts, such as rollers and cutting blades,also for pasta factories. They are essential also for vacuum packaging and thermoforming, ensuring food preservation.

Pharmaceutical & Medical

In the pharmaceutical industry, non-stick coatings are essential for the stability of packaging. Thermal Spray coatings and Polymeric coatings protect various parts such as moulds, needles, containers, valves and gaskets, facilitating operations such as compression and injection and improving chemical resistance.


Our Thermal Spray and Polymeric coatings improve the protection and performance of forming and packaging components. They reduce the adhesion of materials, prevent blockages and extend the useful life of components. They are widely used in the packaging, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.


In the automotive industry, coatings improve the performance, durability and aesthetics of pieces such as gears, driveshafts and clutches. Polymers reduce friction, improving efficiency and extending service life. Springs, anti-roll bars, shock absorbers and bearings are coated to resist abrasion and corrosion, ensuring a safer and more comfortable ride. Manifolds, catalytic converters and exhaust pipes can benefit from heat-insulating or high-temperature resistant materials.


Zocca Coatings is also specialized in the application of coatings for parts used in the defense sector. These include fluoropolymer paints to protect parts subject to friction heating and carbide-based Thermal Spray coatings, which have the function of guaranteeing resistance to wear and corrosion for helicopters and military airplanes parts.


In the textile sector, coatings such as Thermal spray and Polymers improve the properties and performance of the parts used in fabric production machines. Weaving and printing rollers are coated with wear-resistant and chemical-resistant materials to improve the durability and quality of the fabrics. Even gears and moving parts of textile machines are coated with Thermal spray to increase wear resistance and extend the operational life of the systems.


In the street furniture industry, Thermal spray and Polymer coatings ensure durability and resistance to urban elements. They protect against wear, corrosion and atmospheric agents, keeping street furniture in good condition. For example, platforms and benches are coated to resist atmospheric agents and corrosion, while parapets and handrails are made non-slip and anti-corrosion to ensure the safety of pedestrians.


In the chemical industry, coatings are essential to protect equipment from corrosion, chemicals and wear. Thermal Spray and Polymeric coatings offer resistance to corrosion, high temperatures and abrasion, ensuring safety and durability. For example, tanks and pipelines are covered to prevent damage and leaks, while valves and mobile equipment benefit from anti-friction and anti-corrosion coatings for reliable operation.


In the fluid and pipeline sector, Zocca Coatings’ coatings ensure resistance to corrosion, abrasion and erosion, prolonging life and reducing maintenance costs. Food-grade coatings ensure the safety of drinking water, while chemical-resistant coatings protect chemical pipelines. Heat-insulating coatings improve cooling efficiency, while polymeric coatings protect exhaust pipes from corrosion.


In the paper and cellulose sector, Thermal Spray and Polymeric coatings improve the performance and durability of equipment used in paper production and cellulose treatment, protecting against wear and corrosion. Some common applications of coatings are rollers and cylinders coated with polymeric materials to improve non-stick, while blades and cutting parts are coated with abrasion-resistant materials for precise cutting. Bearings and gears can also be coated for optimal performance.


Thermal Spray coatings optimize the durability and resistance of components used in the wood production, while Polymeric coatings improve the aesthetic appearance. They protect against wear, abrasion and atmospheric agents, improving the overall quality of the materials. Applied on blades, cutters and other tools, they ensure precise cutting and extend their useful life. The nozzles and ring nuts of the systems are also coated to resist wear and abrasion.

Oil & Gas

Thermal Spray and Polymeric coatings protect and extend the life of equipment in the extraction, production, transportation and processing of petroleum products and natural gas. They resist corrosion, abrasion, chemicals and high temperatures, reducing the risk of damage. Applied on pipes, pipelines and equipment in wells, they ensure safe transport. Valves, fittings and control components are coated to ensure anti-corrosion and anti-slip functions. Tanks and storage facilities are also protected by polymeric coatings to ensure the safety of the structure.