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On the wings of innovation

Aerospace solutions

Excellence as a standard

Components reliability is vital in the aerospace sector: the coated parts must provide high-level performance under enormous stresses and in extreme conditions. Our coatings successfully meet the specific needs of the sector.

Thanks to partnerships with qualified companies, Zocca Coatings can oversee every step in the manufacture process, from the drawing to the finished parts, following every detail of the production including the machining, surface coatings and finishing.

Technologies and certified processes

A team of skilled technicians will take care of your programs including the design phase to production and after-sales service. All the technologies and processes used in the processing of aeronautical and defence parts are subject to Nadcap certification, obtained in 2018. Below some aeronautical parts that we coat:
Components of helicopters and airplanes for civil or military use, rockets, satellites and MROs: excellence is guaranteed by a team of technicians with extensive professional expertise who collaborate on projects of global significance such as: EH101, AW169, AW189, A320 NEO, E2, MRJ, AP220, Global7000, T700, GRIPEN NG, EFA, MV200, HURKUS, ARIANE V e VI.

You can turn to us if you are interested in aerospace coatings, polyamide coatings, aerospace paints, aircraft paints.