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Polyamide coatings

polyamide coatingsThe understanding of the various coatings on offer allows you to choose the one more suitable to your needs. Of course, this is a time-consuming approach. You may prefer to speak with the specialists and accept their guidance. Zocca Coatings is here to help you whenever you need it.

Because polyamide resin-based coatings have strong adherence to metallic surfaces, they are frequently used to coat and shield those surfaces. Polyamide coatings have great insulating qualities and are particularly resistant to chemicals, corrosion, grease, and oils. Numerous aesthetic and technical uses, such as outdoor furniture, the automobile and food processing industries, among others, can benefit from their exceptional mechanical and chemical qualities.

What Are Polyamides?

A polyamide is a polymer type. In effect, it bonds the polymers together, allowing them to become stronger and more effective at protecting the object under them. The fact that they are generally resistant to acidic substances, as well as alkaline means they can prevent corrosion from being an issue, to metal structures. Polyamides work best when they are an amalgamation of various materials. They are commonly mixed with the following:
  • Zinc
  • Polyvinyl chlorides
  • Vinyls
The most effective way to assess a polyamide coating is to use an electron microscope. Although, salt spray tests and electrochemical impedance are also effective approaches.

How To Apply Polyamide Coatings

In most cases you don’t need to worry about the application process, we do it all for you. However, it is beneficial to understand what happens. The most common approach is to use a fluid bed. The coating sits in the bed in a powder form and components are simply dipped into it. This is the most effective approach as polyamide particles tend to be too large to spray effectively via spray gun.

Uses For Polyamide Coatings

Thanks to their unique properties polyamide coatings are exceptionally good for a variety of uses. This includes applications in the automotive industry on bumpers and to protect the steel used in car production. In fact, anywhere you see powder-coated steel, you are looking at a polyamide coating.

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