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Aerospace thermal spray coatings

Aerospace thermal spray coatingsMany materials are coated to improve their durability. The min consideration, when choosing a coating, is what elements they will be exposed to and how best to protect them from these.

In many cases, thermal spray coatings can offer the perfect solution.

What Are Thermal Spray Coatings?

As the name suggests, this type of coating is sprayed onto a material. The reason it is listed as thermal is because heat is used to melt the substance to be sprayed.

As soon as the coating has cooled and fully stuck to the product it will offer extensive protection, especially against heat, corrosion, abrasion, and even standard wear and tear.

Where To Get Your products Sprayed

It’s not just about experience, although that helps. Zocca Coatings also have the space and the facilities to coat any item you want. All you have to do is contact us today and discuss your needs.

It’s amazing how quickly a personal solution can be found, ensuring all parties are happy and all items are fully protected.

The Aerospace Element

Technology is vital to the development of the aerospace industry. Products in this industry are highly likely to suffer extreme duress, specifically the challenge of staying intact under extreme heat and pressure.

Thermal spray coatings are perfectly adapted to help coat any item and protect it, even if returning from outer space.

The most common materials used in Aerospace thermal spray coatings are:

  • Cobalt and nickel superalloys
  • Tungsten carbide in metallic matrix
  • Chromium carbide in metallic matrix
  • Tungsten carbide – Chromium carbide in metallic matrix 

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