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Ceramic fluoropolymer coating

Zocca Coatings: ceramic fluoropolymer coatingIf you’ve heard of ceramic fluoropolymer coatings then you’ll be familiar with this type of coverage.

The classic fluoropolymer coating consists of a precise mixture of resins and fluoropolymers to create a dry lubricant coating. This makes it the perfect option for a variety of uses.

Principle Properties Of Ceramic Fluoropolymer Coatings

This type of coating is exceptionally versatile. It doesn’t just create a dry lubricating layer which allows the smooth passage of items against each other. It offers an array of other useful properties:

  • Non-stick
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to electrical currents
  • Abrasion-resistant

In short, fluoropolymer coatings are tough, durable, and will extend the lifespan of any product they are used on.

The Ceramic Factor

The main difference between a ceramic fluoropolymer coating and a standard fluoropolymer coating is that the ceramic creates an additional barrier. This improves the corrosion resistance of the coating and makes it even more versatile. It’s not just corrosion, ceramic fluoropolymer coatings are also immune to chemical products.

In fact, it’s this additional strength that makes the ceramic fluoropolymer coatings perfect for tough environments, such as marine products.

The electrical insulation provided by this coating also makes it the practical choice for connections in oil and gas pipes, or anything else that could be ignited by an errant spark.

It’s important to note that this coating increases in strength the more you tighten something, especially in reference to nuts and bolts.

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Once you realize the potential in ceramic fluoropolymer coatings you’ll want to find out more information. Fortunately, we are here to help. Zocca Coatings has more than fifty years of experience. We can help you select the best coating and then apply it for you. That gives you a perfectly finished product, ready for use. 

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