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Sol gel coating company

Sol gel coating company: Zocca CoatingsWhatever product you have there will be a coating for it. Deciding on the right one means knowing what material the product is made from and what the primary purpose of the coating is.

With the right facts and the right Sol Gel coating company, it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision.

What Is Sol Gel Coating?

Sol Gel is the name given to solid materials formed from small molecules. In effect, a colloidal solution is created by converting monomers. This becomes the basis of a gel-like substance. The gel can be used in a myriad of applications.

The reason for the name is the reference to two components making up the coating:

  • Sol

Sol is short for solution and references the monomers which have been suspended in water. They can hang in almost any liquid but water is the preferred option.

  • Gel

The semisolid state is the secondary stage of production. Molecules are introduced to the liquid monomers, thickening the ‘soup’ to create a gel. It retains liquidity but is also solid. Effectively balancing between two states and warranting the name.

Benefits of Sol Gel

It’s easy to apply as a gel and then hardens to create a solid, often glossy, finish. It can be used for a huge array of applications, including as a hygienic hand gel or as a coating for machinery to protect them from wear and tear.

Your Local Sol Gel Coating Company

Although there are plenty of options, you will find it difficult to do better than Zocca Coatings. The company has been in  the sector for over 50 years and services the national and international market.

We have an abundance of experience and very advanced equipment on the market. Whether you’re looking for Sol Gel, pharmaceutical coatings,, Zocca Coatings can help. All you have to do is ask us. 

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