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Air Plasma Spray Coatings

Air Plasma Spray CoatingsIn Air Plasma Spray an inert gas is superheated and ionized, generating a gas plasma. Ionization occurs through an electric arc that generates a high temperature ionized gas.

The powder is injected into the flame where it is transported until it hits the desired surface.

It’s vital that safety measures are followed during this process as the ionization process allows the gas to reach at least 10,000°C. That’s enough to melt any material.

Common Applications

Types of air plasma spray coatings include ceramic and metal, this ensures the topcoat is durable and long- lasting. This process is commonly used in:

  • Aerospace technology
  • Automotive, marine, and even mechanical engineering
  • Standard household appliances
  • Electronics
  • Nuclear industry

To make a protective coating, this process can be used on virtually any type of material.

Choosing A Torch

In order to mix the gases and create the heat required you need a dedicated torch. There are plenty of options. But, you should contact us first. Zocca Coatings has several first-class torches available, including the single arc  F4MB, the SinplexPo, and the Triplex.

Talk to us today to know the most appropriate option for your needs.

Available torches: 

  • F4MB
  • SinplexProTM
  • TriplexTM