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Flame Spray Coatings

In this process, gas combustion is used as a heat source and the filler material is in the form of wire (Wire flame spray) or powder (Powder flame spray).
Both technologies are available. Materials deposited by these processes have relatively low melting temperatures (e.g. polymers, metals and metal alloys and some oxides).

Wire flame spray

The heat source melts the end of the wire and the molten material is atomized by a stream of air and the resulting droplets are projected towards the substrate by means of a carrier gas.

Typical coating materials for this process are pure metals such as aluminium and zinc for corrosion protection, chromium and chromium-nickel steels, non-ferrous alloys and molybdenum.

Powder flame spray

he filler material in powder form is drawn and funnelled inside the flame, where it is melted and the particles/droplets accelerated toward the substrate. The combustion process is therefore responsible for both the melting and acceleration of the particles.

Available torches:

  • Metco 3K
  • Metco 5P-II
  • FWS 20